3 Great Stress Reducing Gifts You Actually Need This Holiday

Over the years I have watched and sometimes cringed as members of my family have heartily prepared tactical plans of attack for their holiday shopping trips.  These “soldiers of fortune”, as I have come to refer to them, frantically pace themselves; fueled merely by the dizzying demands of Christmas lists and what must be pure adrenaline.  The residual stress alone is certainly enough to blast any sugar plum, that’s even thinking about dancing, out into the stratosphere.  Luckily there are gifts out there that can help undo what all of that holiday shopping has done.  Here are three great stress reducing gifts you or your “soldiers of fortune” actually need this holiday.
Massages Our muscles work overtime during the holiday season.  From climbing ladders and cutting down trees, to carrying all of those gifts, our muscles can be seriously overworked, and a massage is just what the elves ordered. 
Facials Facials are a great way to ease stress and release the built up tension that the holidays inevitably dump on us.
AromatherapyLet’s face it, the holidays can really catch us off guard; transforming even the most resilient person in your life into a stressed out jumble of nerves.  Even worse, the holidays (for some people) can be a painful reminder of happier days.  Aromatherapy is one way of improving our mental state through the use of essential oils; ultimately restoring our balance between mind, body, and spirit.
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