4 Reasons Why Men Need Yoga

Americans pride themselves in their fundamental belief that men and women coexist as equals.  However, more often than not men dismiss the possibility that yoga can provide them with the tools to achieve their goals; both on a physical and psychological plane.  In fact according to a 2008 “Yoga Journal” report, more than 15 million Americans practiced yoga; men only accounted for 3.75 million of those practicing.  Yet, the practice of yoga offers 4 great benefits for men:

Clarity – Success in both business and personal relationships depends upon a man’s ability to generate effective action.  This effective action is dependent entirely on his ability to focus.

“To achieve what we want in life requires clarity of mind” says Anita Ahn, Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa. “Yoga helps to clear the mind and improve mental focus, helping us to succeed and attain our goals.”

Muscle Strength – As superficial as it sounds, men with good posture appear smarter, more confident and organized; traits that are essential to succeeding in corporate America.

Yoga uses the body for resistance, resulting in increased core strength; collectively training the abdominal muscles, back and glutes – supporting the spine and improving posture.

Athletic Performance – Yoga can improve a man’s athletic performance in various ways; relieving muscle tension, decreasing the buildup of lactic acid in the body following a strenuous workout and decreasing discomfort. 

Stress Relief – Because men often experience higher levels of stress, yoga is a particularly valuable addition to their daily routine. 

Reducing stress by encouraging deep, rhythmic breathing, yoga promotes relaxation by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to each part of the body, which can reduce an individual’s risk for developing heart disease; the number one cause of death in American men.

To find a yoga program that’s right for you or learn more about the many beneficial programs offered at the EarthMind Wellness Center call 845-210-3143 or visit www.honorshaven.com

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