Aromatherapy: Why We Need to Stop & Smell the Roses

Life is busy.  I mean REALLY busy.  Between work, running the kids and other family and non-family obligations, life can sometimes seem downright overwhelming; a whirlwind of emotional and physical stimulation flooding all of our senses.  This overload can lead to feelings of stress and depression which in turn can manifest into lethargy and difficulty sleeping.
According to Sandra Nichols, Director of the Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort, “Aromatherapy is capable of bypassing the conscious mind, effectively calming our emotions on a deeper level”, which can help us to  turn off the outside world.  This is achieved, explains Nichols, due the fact that “the human brain processes scents through the olfactory system to the Limbic system, which is primarily responsible for our emotional life and the formation of memories.” 
“Receiving a massage infused with the right essential oils not only influences our emotions” says Nichols, “but can also provide us with a host of medical benefits.”  Some of these benefits include:
·         Boosting our immune and respiratory systems
·         Relieving pain; some essential oils contain anti-inflammatory properties
·         Supporting longevity

During the month of March, Sandra and her staff invite you to wash away your winter stress with an aromatherapy treatment for your mind body and spirit.  For more information or to book your appointment, call or email the Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort; (845) 210-3087;