Autumnal Weekend Getaway: Honor’s Haven

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Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa is a mere few hours from New York City, sprawled between the picturesque Catskill and Shawangunk mountain ranges. And there’s something for every taste here: crisp mountain air, tranquil lakes, toads, Technicolor leaves, a dramatic waterfall on a hiking trail, replenishing and relaxing spa treatments, gourmet buffet-style meals, row-boating, ping pong, tennis, indoor swimming, a nightclub, and a game court that can likely contain a small town.  
Whether you wish to boat and partake of sports, or languish in the spa and at the pool (or both, alternating), you’ll find that Honor’s Haven provides the ideal weekend getaway. There’s a whimsical quality to this resort, in part because of the Buddha and goat stone statues and leaping dolphin fountain in front of the property, as well as the mix of traditional Asian and ‘60s vintage décor. The result is a warm quirkiness, and a feeling that you’ve discovered something truly distinctive.

Spa treatments include wet and dry saunas and private Jacuzzi pools. Bonus: use of the spa facilities is complimentary for overnight guests, and yoga classes are part of the fall roster too. I traveled to Honor’s Haven with my husband and two eleven year old boys, who seemed to relish everything this resort had to offer. We played a game that included all of us racing around the resort a la James Bond and hiding (don’t ask). No one complained or even noticed us, so this is an ideal family destination, but it’s also just as perfect for couples, or for spa weekends for friends, for groups, or for anyone who simply wants to marvel at the leaf display upstate.

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