Celebrating Healthy Weight Week (January 19-23, 2016)

It’s no secret to my family that TLC’s My 600 Pound Lifeplays an ENORMOUS role in keeping my eating habits and lifestyle choices on track.  Deep down, I know that these super-sized individuals did not willingly self-destruct.  There were many components at work that led them to what has become a very public life or death struggle.  Yet, their struggle to regain control over an out of control situation activates some primal instinct to push myself, to walk five more minutes or to do just one more set, and it’s that motivation that has  compelled me to not only recognize but celebrate Healthy Weight Week.
Healthy Weight Week is all about abandoning fad diets
and pursuing sustainable changes.
This year, Healthy Weight Week will be celebrated January 19th– 23rd, and many fitness centers and spas throughout Upstate New York will be encouraging individuals to improve their health by adopting nourishing behaviors and routines.  
To make the transition even easier, facilities like The Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort are offering a month-long special; where you and a friend can save 10% on fitness memberships when you join together.  After all, there’s strength in numbers. 
Even better, Healthy Weight Week is all about abandoning fad diets and pursuing sustainable changes that will ultimately lead us to a more active lifestyle and hopefully ideal body weight.  So forget the deprivation and the calorie counting and focus on what’s most important – you.

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