Dance as Therapy: Helping Your Mind, Body & Soul

Finding a balance between work, home and everything in between can leave a person feeling unfocused, unhappy and completely stressed out.  Add a bad work day or relationship problems to the mix and you have a full out recipe for a potential nervous breakdown. So how are we supposed to manage all of life’s little intricacies while remaining, happy, relaxed and focused?  Simply put – Dance!
Dancing has always been recognized for its physical benefits; strengthening bones and muscles, and improving posture as well as increasing stamina and flexibility.  However, more often than not, the reality that dancing increases serotonin levels leaving us with a feeling of wellbeing is regularly dismissed.  How many times did you mend a broken heart by going dancing with your friends?  Did you identify dance as the basis for your increase in endorphins or did you ascribe credit to the pulsating sounds of the C&C Music Factory for your improved mood?

“Dancing energizes and inspires” says Linda Gilberg, President/Owner of Stardust Dance Productions.  “By increasing the rate at which serotonin neurons are released in the brain, participants experience a heightened feeling of joy, unity and rejuvenation.”

Focusing on the connection between mind and body, dance offers a holistic approach to health and healing.  So whether you’re looking to recover your balance between work and home, struggling to weather the storm of a failed relationship or just exploring life beyond the treadmill and gym, dance is central to achieving a happier, healthier you.

For more information on Stardust Dance Productions and their dance programs visit

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