EarthMind Wellness Center Welcomes New Director

The EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa is pleased to welcome their new Director, Sarah Choi.  Sarah has been a master healer, teacher and workshop trainer for 15 years and comes to the EarthMind Wellness Center after spending the last 10 years as a manager and head trainer for Yoga & Tai Chi centers in New York, New Jersey and Texas.

Early on, Sarah was looking for the purpose of life while studying Counseling Psychology in graduate school. During that time she found Yoga & Tai-Chi based on traditional Korean energy training and she realized her mission of healing and giving benefit to all in her life. 

Sarah has worked as a coordinator of holistic healing programs, meditation tours and Healer School at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center in AZ.   She has also taught the staff of Kabbalah Centre in Manhattan, NY and had co-opened workshops for their students.    

She has guided many individuals in their discovery and awakening of their own personal healing power. From her experience, she has developed her special ability to balance the chakra system and to assist individual’s self-development with awakening their potential power.

As the Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center, Sarah is looking forward to guiding others on their journey toward a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about the EarthMind Wellness Center, their workshops, classes and programs visit or call (845) 210-3143.