Extreme Vacations Offer Thrill Seekers a Rush!

As summer inches closer, New York City and its metro dwellers prepare for the return of the all too familiar dog days of summer.  Gripped by the scorching heat and stifling grime of the city streets, many New Yorkers will be looking to escape the city; in search of adventure.
According to travel experts, the new mantra for vacationers this season is adventure travel and the goal is to provide exciting and exceptional opportunities for the adrenaline junky.
Those in search of a heart-pounding vacation, close to the city, need look no further than the Shawangunk Mountain Region; a scenic 90-mile drive from Midtown Manhattan.   Apart from the predictable horseback riding, whitewater rafting, tubing and hiking through the interior wilderness of the region, the area is speckled with an extraordinary variety of extreme outdoor ventures including hang gliding, mountaineering, rock climbing, glidering, zip lines and doors-off helicopter tours.
(Mountain Wings Hang Gliding – Ellenville, NY)
When talking to Shin Hwang, the Business Development Manager at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa about his recent helicopter tour, Hwang exclaimed “The exhilaration you experience is unimaginable!”
The resort, which can be found tucked away in Ellenville, NY – the heart of the Shawangunk Mountains, has been seeing an increase in inquiries about unique excursions; leading them to embrace the area’s adventurous charm and include out of the ordinary jaunts to their list of leisure interests on their website, http://www.honorshaven.com/local-attraction/.
“There are many local programs available to our guests”, said one of the resort’s Guest Service Agents.  “It’s exciting to see guests of all ages provided with the opportunity to experience an unparalleled level of outdoor fun that they just can’t find in the city.”
This summer, why not escape the blistering heat of the city and discover your inner daredevil with an extreme vacation in the Shawangunk Mountain Region.  It’s sure to leave you with the ultimate rush and incredible memories.