Five Reasons to Attend a Community Holiday Party

As much as I hate to admit it, summer has become nothing more than a distant memory, and the reality that it’s time to start planning this year’s holiday party can be, to some, an overwhelming and almost arduous task.  So, if the mere thought of planning your company party evokes a full-fledged fight or flight response, cut yourself a little slack and consider joining a community holiday party this year. 
Having grown in popularity over the last several years, the community holiday party allows companies and organizations to effortlessly plan their festivities.  As a prepackaged affair, events like Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa’s 5-hour Jingle Mingle, offer a full range of features including a cocktail reception with 1-hour open bar (beer & wine), butler passed hors d’ oeuvres, cash bar (starting after the cocktail reception), buffet dinner, dessert, DJ, dancing, and raffle prizes.

Of course, other than the obvious reduction in party planning stress, there are a host of reasons why your company should attend a community holiday party.
It Won’t Break the Bank. 
Let’s face it, holiday parties can be expensive.  By sharing your celebration with other area companies and organization’s the overall cost of supplementary expenditures such as DJ’s, drinks, and raffle prizes become much more manageable – providing  a lot more bang for your buck.

They Build a Sense of Community.
We’ve all heard the term “shop local”, and most companies do in an effort to help grow their local economy. Shared celebrations allow these companies to finally put a face to a name, while providing an opportunity to talk about interests outside of their jobs.

Informal Networking.
Many community parties offer a business card exchange table just outside the function room; allowing for a no-pressure means of networking with other local businesses.  So go ahead, leave some of your cards and take a few too.

The More the Merrier.
This one is a no brainer.  Let’s just say small parties can be awkward.

They Give Back to the Community.

Most co-mingled events share a common purpose; give back to the community.  Whether a portion of the proceeds are donated to a local charity or the hosting property sponsors a toy drive, they want you and your employees to remember that the holidays are about giving.