Get Rid of Your Stress with Yoga

In a world laden with appointments, deadlines, and responsibilities both in and out of the home, it’s easy to lose track of our health.  Now, I’m not talking about taking vitamins or spending an hour at the gym five days a week; although I do my best to do both.  What I’m talking about is our emotional health. 
Why is it that we are so willing to accept the highs in our life, but resist the lows?  I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard that our emotional health depends upon balance.  Yet, how can we ever be in balance if we are so unwilling to acknowledge and manage what’s out of balance?  Ok, so maybe I’m speaking in riddles here, but seriously, how can you ever expect to achieve balance in your life if you continually suppress your stress and anxiety?  That would be like wearing a sneaker on one foot and a five inch heel on the other and expecting to walk perfectly fine. 
So how do we manage the not so nice parts of our lives?  According to Sarah Choi, Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, “Yoga is key in maintaining emotional balance, because it helps you quiet your mind.  Individuals who incorporate yoga into their daily routine tend to spend less time worrying, which makes for a healthier and more balanced life experience.”

How it works:

  • According to various studies, yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system; lowering an individual’s heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of respiration.
  • Yoga can reduce your levels of Cortisol (the hormone secreted by the adrenal glands in response to stress)
  • Yoga triggers the pituitary glands to secrete oxytocin and prolactin, which are commonly referred to as the “cuddle” hormones, and are responsible for feelings of love.
  • Certain breathing techniques that are practiced during yoga have the ability to increase vagal tone, or the body’s ability to respond to stress successfully.

To learn more more about the benefits of yoga,
visit the EarthMind Wellness Center online or call Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa to book a getaway that will leave you balanced and wearing matching shoes.