Healthy Vacation Trends: Fit & Fun In the Sun!

Ahhh…VACATION.  Just the sound of the word invokes memories of overeating and over indulging; a gluttonous break from our workouts as well as our healthy diets and routines that keep us functioning at peak performance.  However, it seems that more and more people are trying to break away from what has been socially accepted as a “normal” vacation by using their vacations to either kick-start their healthy lifestyles or maintain the momentum.
Here are three vacation trends that seem to be attracting attention.
Athletic Vacations – Whether you’re an avid competitor or a weekend warrior, athletic vacations provide an opportunity to sharpen your skills or learn a new activity. 
(photo courtesy of Arcadia Tennis Camp)
According to Simon Popogrebinsky, of the Arcadia Tennis Camp, “Athletic vacations like the Arcadia Tennis Camp provide a high octane escape that focuses on the fundamentals of the game.  Participants not only find that their level of play is heightened ten-fold, but take with them a new estimation of their abilities and greater confidence.  Athletic vacations are a great way to improve your stamina and your physique while having a great time in a resort setting.”
The Arcadia Tennis Camp has turned out winners at Wimbeldon, the Australian, French and US Open Grand Slam tournaments, USTA Junior tournaments, National College tournaments & more.  Assisted by a team of Coaches, the Arcadia Tennis Camp provides a rare opportunity to improve tennis skills while having a lot of fun!
Weight-Loss Vacations – When you find yourself feeling weighed down by the thought of committing to a diet and fitness regimen that may or may not work for you, weight-loss vacations can provide proven behavior, nutrition and lifestyle solutions; perfect for that motivational first step.
(photo courtesy of Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts)
“Our weight loss and fitness program is a hugely popular vacation program for adults 25 and over and young adults 18-25 who want to finally make a permanent lifestyle change”, says Ziporah Janowski, Founder and Director of Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, “Our guests eat healthy and delicious portion controlled food, participate in fun fitness activities and learn new habits through our unique behavior coaching program that helps them get healthy and trim for the long term.  And it is all done while having a fun vacation! “
Wellness Vacations – For the wellness-minded traveler, staying healthy is paramount and wellness vacations are a great way to learn sustainable techniques that allows for a greater equilibrium between emotional and physical health.
Chun Shim, Workshop Trainer & Healer at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa tells us “It is said that we often don’t see the forest through the trees.  In our life, we sometimes focus on the temporary and transient fun; missing the sustainable and life-benefitting  healthy FUN.  Healthy wellness vacations like Healthy Lifestyle, Truself Workshop and the R&R Getaway present a macroscopic perspective; providing the tools to stay healthy, content and confident.  Even if you can only get away for one day, you will return to your busy life with the means to support your overall wellbeing; physical, energetic & emotional wellness as well as your spiritual wellness.   There are three things that you cannot recover in life,” continues Shim, “The moment after it’s missed, the word after it’s said, and the time after it’s wasted!”.
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