How Will You RING In the New Year?

Now that the presents have all been opened, did Santa bring you everything you wanted?  Did he bring you an engagement ring?  If he did, you’re not alone, and CONGRATULATIONS! 
Christmas is actually the most popular time of year for popping every woman’s most anticipated question.  Why?  Well, let’s just say that Christmas with all of its holiday fanfare (mistletoe and fresh baked cookies included), catapults us to place that’s warm, fuzzy, and romantic.  Pair that with the promise of a new year with new beginnings looming just over the horizon and what you have is the perfect cocktail for proposals.

So now that you’re prominently displaying your love for one another on your left ring finger, what’s next?  According to James Brechbiel, of Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, the list of “to-dos’” when selecting the perfect venue really isn’t as daunting of a task as you might think.

Set a Date – Because venues can book up quickly, James suggests choosing a time frame rather than a specific date.  Being flexible is key when booking the venue of your dreams.
Work Out Your Budget– More often than not, the modern wedding budget consists of contributions from both the bride’s and groom’s families as well as the couple themselves.  Figuring out how much money is being contributed from each will help you effectively plan every facet of your event.
Sketch Out Your Guest List – Before finalizing your guests list, make sure you and your better-half are on the same page.  Are you looking to plan a smaller scale affair or are you looking to throw a huge kick-ass party for all of your friends and family?  It’s important to remember, says James, that the larger the list, the larger the bill at the end of the day.

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Select Your Venue– It’s important to know exactly what you want from your venue.  Can it accommodate all of your guests?  Does it offer a separate ceremony site?  Does it offer on-site or nearby lodging for your out-of-town guests?  Does the venue offer amazing backdrops for your photos?
Kristine Palmer Photography


For more helpful hints, you can contact James directly at 845-210-3134.  Happy planning!