Insomnia arises from an imbalance of Ki energy and blood circulation throughout the body.  The Ki and blood accumulate in the head and press on the brain.  Vulnerability to insomnia is commonly the result of continual stress, excessive worry, trauma or shock.  Insomnia can compromise the body’s immune system and invite further ailments.

According to adherents of Eastern Medicine, the principle of Water Up, Fire Down is the requisite condition for a healthy body, mind and spirit.  When the body is not adequately rested or is undergoing intense stress, Water Up, Fire Down is thwarted and the reverse occurs: fire energy goes up toward the head and water energy travels down toward the lower abdomen. 

Some of the symptoms that may occur with this are redness in the face, shoulder pain and pain in the middle of the chest along the Conception Vessel (Im-maek), signaling a blockage of Ki energy in this area.

The recommended meditation and relaxation method in this section emphasize relaxation and optimize the Water Up, Fire Down flow, which is crucial in alleviating insomnia.


Benefits: Helps to bring fire energy toward the lower abdomen for further relaxation of the body and mind.

1)      Sit in a half-lotus position.  Bring your palms in front of your chest, facing each other about 3 inches apart.  Focus on the space between the hands.

2)      Move your hands very slowly toward each other, without touching them together, and then apart.  Repeat several times.  You may experience warmness or a magnetic sensation between your hands.  This is Ki energy.


Benefits: Alleviates symptoms of heart disease, hypertension, insomnia and headache.

1)      Lie comfortably on your back, feet shoulder width apart and arms 45 degrees from the body.  Close your eyes.

2)      Inhale slowly, deeply and comfortably.  Exhale slowly and release tension from the body.  Repeat 3 times.

3)      As your eyes remain closed, begin to imagine in your mind’s eye that you are observing yourself with a clear focus.  You see all the parts of your body from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes.

4)      Continue to imagine that your head is becoming more and more clear and cool.

5)      Relax your facial muscles and begin to form a gentle smile.  With your mind’s eye, observe your smiling face.

6)      Relax your neck and shoulders completely.  Imagine that stagnant energy is moving from your neck and shoulders out through your fingertips.

7)      Focus on your chest.  Feel your chest expand with your breathing.  Imagine your chest feeling cool and comfortable.

8)      With your mind’s eye, observe your waist and abdominal area, thighs, knees, legs, ankles and toes.  As you continue to focus on your breathing, feel the calm, relaxed sensation throughout your body.

9)      As you become increasingly relaxed, imagine your body becoming heavier and heavier with each breath.

10)  Continue to breathe normally.  Now, as you exhale, feel your body begin to sink deeper into the earth as you become more and more relaxed.

11)  Imagine a very special place of peace, tranquility and comfort just for you, provided by the whole universe.
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