Keep Dancing – Creative Therapies for Progressive Diseases

It’s no secret that dancing increases serotonin levels; restoring our emotional balance.  Yet, hidden just below the surface benefits lurks a much more impressive symphony of effects; particularly for those inflicted with progressive diseases.
In recent years, dance has been explored as a possible complementary therapy to such ailments as Parkinson’s disease, mainly due to its ability to improve mobility.  Affecting close to one million adults in the United States, Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects both cognitive and motor function.  Associated symptoms include tremors, slowness of movement, loss of balance and gait impairments.  According to the Journal of Parkinsonism and Restless Legs Syndrome, pharmacotherapy does not fully address these symptoms.  As such alternative and creative therapies such as dance have received a growing amount of attention.
“Dance can be viewed as a sort of therapeutic intervention”, says Linda Gilberg, President/Owner of Stardust Dance Productions.  “It [dance] has the potential to effectuate positive change; both emotionally and physically.”
So how exactly can dance help effectuate these changes?  According to the Scientific World Journal, therapies like dance aid individuals in regaining and exerting control over their bodies.  Additionally, dance involves extensive social interaction. When paired together, these two components have been shown to be effective at improving an individual’s quality of life. 
The desire to dance is an inherent trait of the human animal.  Focusing on the connection between mind and body, dance offers a holistic approach to health that can help everyone who participates to achieve a happier and improved quality of life.
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