What Should I Know About Wellness Spa Retreats in the Catskill Mountains?

If you’ve never experienced a wellness retreat, it’s time for you to take advantage of these popular mind-and-body-renewing options. We’ve created this essential overview for first-timers with easy-to-understand answers to the most frequently asked questions about wellness retreats:

What exactly is a wellness retreat?
You’ve likely heard someone say after a particularly hectic vacation experience that they feel as though they need another vacation to simply recover. The idea behind a wellness retreat is to provide a restful and rejuvenating experience that leaves our guests feeling renewed and reenergized, instead of simply exhausted. An emphasis on serenity and interacting with nature is usually an essential element, and so most wellness retreats are offered at resorts in spectacular natural settings. More than just a different way to experience a vacation, wellness retreats offer a new way to experience a destination and truly get in touch with yourself.

Wellness Retreat Yoga

What should I expect?
The truth is wellness retreats can vary greatly. You can usually expect a program that focuses on relaxation, self-awareness and finding or restoring the essential mind-body connection. Both physical and mental health are usually highlighted, often with an element of the spiritual. Health-focused activities and menus are usually central, as is a naturally beautiful and inspirational setting, but the variety of options can be overwhelming. From meditation in the Himalayas and surfing in Costa Rica to horseback riding in the desert and yoga retreats on the Mexican seaside, you’ll find that there is something for every desire. Wellness retreats in mountain settings are particularly popular, as they instantly offer an awe-inspiring, natural setting with an array of outdoor activities available.

Why choose Honor’s Haven?
Honor’s Haven provides an incredibly unique Catskills wellness experience featuring a full onsite spa and a variety of activities to suit any interest. Challenge yourself in our Labyrinth Garden. Take an invigorating forest hike along one of our onsite trails. Enjoy a challenging round of golf on the championship Fallsview Golf Course. Time spent in the outdoors has been scientifically proven to bring a host of health and mood-lifting benefits.

Hiking during a wellness retreat in the Catskills

EarthMind Wellness
Honor’s Haven also offers specific wellness retreat services that are relaxing yet inspiring and reenergizing. EarthMind Wellness, our Holistic Wellness Center, is dedicated to helping you achieve a more active, balanced and healthy life. Using holistic healing strategies that incorporate East Asian energy philosophies with integrated wellness practices, including meditation, yoga, tai chi, mind-body training programs and workshops, our team of experienced professionals shares the tools you need to leave feeling empowered and inspired.

Honor’s Haven offers both spa and wellness retreats for groups of any size. Time spent with us in the Catskill Mountains is motivational, restful and unforgettable. Contact us today to begin planning your complete wellness experience.