Less Stress, More Living: 3 Tips to Living a Mindful Existence

In a society where hyper-connectedness is the norm, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the avalanche of information streaming into our computers and mobile devices.  As convenient as it may be to have the world at our fingertips 24/7, the reality of living in a tech-driven society is the increasing inability of adults and teens to unplug, unwind and live a mindful existence.

“Through mindful living, we can create balance in our lives; even in a tech-centric world.”  says Anita Ahn, Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.

Here are Anita’s top three tips on how to live a mindful existence
Mindful Eating – By intentionally chewing more than 30 times, your mind naturally focuses on eating 100%; opening up a subtle awareness of our often unconscious eating habits.  As a result, you can really reconnect with your body and recognize whether the food you are ingesting is really what your body needs.   

Mindful Walking – Like many other relaxation techniques, mindful walking focuses on keeping you present in the moment.  By being conscious of your stride, the feeling of the ground beneath your feet and the flexing of each muscle as you step forward, you develop a greater awareness of your body and its environment.

Mindful Smiling – A form of facial yoga, mindful smiling teaches you to relax both your facial muscles and your mind, by increasing your awareness of each breath inhaled and exhaled; inducing feelings of inner peace and tranquility.

Interested in learning more useful techniques to living a more balanced life?  Call the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa at 845-210-3144 or visit them on the web at www.earthmindwellness.com.