Meditation & Loneliness: Improving the Health of an Aging Society

Members of the medical community have been aware of the connection between loneliness and physical ailments for a while now.  The question is why does loneliness make us ill and what can we, as an aging society, do to defeat it and its barrage of health complications?  
According to one study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, those who live alone are more likely to die from a heart attack, stroke or other heart related problems than those who live with a spouse, friend or other family members.  Other complications include hypertension, depression and even Alzheimer’s disease. 
As stated in the Scientific American, chronic loneliness triggers a change in gene activity, increasing the risk of these life threatening diseases.  The change increases gene inflammation and reduces the production of antibodies and antiviral responses.
However, an eight-week study conducted at UCLA that had its subjects participate in a simple meditation program, that encouraged them to focus on the present and decline any desire to dwell on the past, showed a quantifiable reduction in both loneliness and gene inflammation; measured by blood tests.
“Everyone desires the company of that special someone to share every aspect of their lives with.” says Chun Shim, Workshop Trainer and Healer at the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.  “When we find ourselves without that companionship due to a divorce, death or illness we become lonely.  Energy Meditation guides us to our home, our being and helps us find the one within.  As our focus comes back to our being, energy follows and begins to flow within our body.” 
The circulation of this energy is paramount to maintaining our health continues Shim.  “Meditation feels like you are living with a close and caring person, who is always with you. The impact of meditation on our health is central to our gaining a foothold of our own wellbeing; physical and emotional.”
If you are ready to take that first step but aren’t sure where to start, contact the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, NY.  Offering complete wellness programs and services such as Meditation, Energy Yoga, Tai Chi, Nature Hikes and Energy Balancing and Integration as well as holistic workshops and retreats including “Rejuvenation Retreat with Nature”, the highly acclaimed “Finding Your True Self” and “Self Healing”, the EarthMind Wellness Center is a vital resource for anyone suffering from or looking to reduce their risk of developing the life threatening diseases associated with loneliness.
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