New Year’s Resolutions: Transforming Our Lives Into Something “More”

Well, it’s official.  We have all survived yet another season of consuming too many cookies and candies, not to mention the always gluttonous holiday parties.  Oh, and I’m happy to announce that we all faced and endured the prophesy of 2012 with the composure and decorum of a civilized nation.

So, now that the year has come to an end and the world has not, the unwavering habit to make New Year’s resolutions has once again bubbled to the surface; a virtual effervescent collection of how to transform our lives into something “more”. 
For many of us “more” means wanting to lose weight or learning to manage our stress.  Taking these resolutions from an idea to an actual accomplishment, however, entails unrelenting motivation, a steadfast network of individuals who will provide constant encouragement and of course the dreaded first step.
The EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa can help you take that first step towards achieving your goals with their innovative program, Healthy Lifestyle.  Designed to assist the mind and body in recovering its natural balance, the Healthy Lifestyle program is a holistic approach to life through cleansing and detoxifying exercise that will improve not only your energy and metabolic pathway function, but teach you how to manage stress and emotions.
According to Anita Ahn, Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center, “Changes to our everyday life are not always easy, but applying the techniques and guidelines revealed in this unique program will make these changes natural and welcome.”
The first step toward any goal is always the hardest, but thanks to the EarthMind Wellness Center and Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, the first step toward recovering your natural balance in 2013 can be as easy as picking up the phone or logging onto your computer.  Are you ready to transform your life into something “more”?
To learn more about the Healthy Lifestyle program call 845-210-3144 or visit  

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