Obesity Forecast: Nearly 42% of Americans Could Be Affected by 2030

According to USA Today, a new forecast on America’s obesity crisis has health experts fearing a dramatic jump in health care costs if nothing is done to bring the epidemic under control.
The new projection, which was released on Monday, warns that by 2030, 42% of Americans may end up obese and 11% severely obese; an increase that could mean the emergence of 32 million more obese individuals within the next two (2) decades.
Recognized by the healthcare community as a major contributing factor in increasing one’s risk for developing chronic and debilitating diseases such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and many types of cancer as well as gallbladder disease and osteoarthritis, obesity wages an all out assault on the body and its natural resources leaving it vulnerable.
Facilities like Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, New York are heeding the call of health experts by establishing wellness programs, like “Healthy Lifestyle”, that promote improved health at a cellular level through meditation. 
“We can help heal your body and your mind” says Chun Shim, Wellness Program Facilitator, at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.   By teaching participants how to make holistic changes to their habituated life patterns and manage the stress and emotions that often trigger individuals to overeat or consume the wrong foods “your overall health will improve remarkably, providing you with the potential to maintain your life-force without the aid of today’s pharmaceutical by-products” states Shim.
In addition to the alternative techniques of the “Healthy Lifestyle” program, Honor’s Haven also serves as the New York home base for the renowned Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts.
“We’ve got a weight loss program that combines personalized attention from our amazing staff, delicious meals, nutrition & fitness education, behavior change coaching and customized workouts. The program is especially designed to help our guests keep the weight off for the long term,” states Ziporah Janowski, Founder and Director of Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts.  
With the aid of forward thinking facilities like Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa and the hands on passion of Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, the opportunity to lower America’s total amount of weight-related medical expenditures by getting our bodies moving, keeping them moving and having fun doing it, may one day become a reality.