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Berry Yourself in Fun! Strawberry Picking in Upstate New York

June is prime time for you to berry yourself in fun; strawberry picking fun that is.  Looking back, some of my fondest memories include my grandfather in his khaki shorts and calf-high white socks meandering through the lush u-pick fields…

Whole-Person Health: The Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

RESTART Program at Honor's Haven Resort & Spa

In the late 1990’s I fell in love.  Not with a person, but an idea.  The idea that medicine should be more about whole-person health, taking into account the intricate connections between our mind, body and spirit.  Now, I didn’t…

Live, Laugh and Lose Weight with Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts

  Wholly banana balls – it’s May!  Now, normally I’d be excited about the warmer weather and getting outdoors, but as we all know with warmer weather comes BATHING SUIT SEASON.  Now I’m not saying that I’ve put on some…