Reasons You’ve Never Thought of to Meet at a Green Hotel


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If you’re ready to start planning your next meeting or event in New York, there are many reasons why you should consider green hotels. While benefits to the environment may seem obvious, there are also a number of advantages for your group or company. Here are just a few:

 Benefits for Your Business

“Going green” has become a respected business decision, and sustainable practices will set you apart from competitors who don’t make the effort. It’s probable that your potential clients are looking to use green businesses. Plus, as both local and regional governments place more importance on green events, holding green meetings also improves your reputation with these important bodies. In addition, there are a number of initiatives and awards that you might qualify for by choosing to go green. Marketing an event as green can also increase attendance and make the event itself more newsworthy!

 Benefits for Attendees

As more and more people become environmentally-conscious, the likelihood that your attendees will feel more positive about being part of a green event is higher. From farm-to-table food to using recyclable products, many individuals today want to use green practices in their everyday life. Knowing that they aren’t part of producing pointless waste can even improve their overall mood and attitude towards your meeting! Fresher, local, organic and vegetarian food options are also much healthier than many of the prepackaged and prepared items that used to be standard meeting fare.

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Cost Benefits

Green meetings and events can save you money as your group consumes fewer resources. Spending less for energy, paper products, bottled water and other items can add up to far more than you might expect. A simple act such a collecting name badges to reuse can save substantial amounts. Going completely paperless can also reduce expenses. Serving water from pitchers and condiments in bulk instead of prepackaged packets are other ways to save!

Benefits to the Local Economy

Holding your event at local green New York hotels may boost attendance while helping the environment through reduced travel expenses. Increased business for area suppliers and vendors can make a big difference, and as an added benefit, you may develop stronger community relationships when local businesses and residents know that you support them. Even if you are taking your team to a different locale, helping their local economy ultimately helps our national economy – and therefore, your company.

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Benefits for the Environment

This is the most obvious benefit to holding a green meeting. Serving snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners on reusable plates instead of plastic products, and using non-disposable products that are separated and properly recycled can literally prevent tons of waste from going into landfills. Simple steps such as not pre-filling water glasses and not automatically washing sheets and towels daily can save gallons of water. Turning off lights, shutting blinds and using automatic timers can save an incredible amount of electricity as well. And doing your part for the environment is a reward in itself!


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Green Concierge

In a statement released by the resort’s management, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa became certified through the HospitalityGreen (HG) LLC Green Concierge Eco-Business Certification program.

According to Julian Lee, General Manager at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, “This is just the first step in our journey toward reducing our carbon footprint. Our objective is to maintain our high standards for cleanliness, guest comfort, and customer service while preserving our commitment to both encourage and apply eco-friendly practices.”