Saying Goodbye to the Awkward Holiday Office Party

I realize it’s only October, but with the cooler nights and frigid mornings we’ve been experiencing, the reality that this year’s holiday party is less than two months away is hard to ignore.  Even worse, is our…well maybe just my, deep-rooted fear that this year’s party will be laden with awkward moments.   From being forced to sample a co-workers homemade mystery casserole to the quintessential misuse of the copy machine for that unfortunate “selfie”, the holiday office party can be an uncomfortable experience. 
“The best way to avoid the classic pitfalls of the holiday office party is to take the party out of the office,” says James Brechbiel, Sales Manager at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.  “Holding celebrations offsite can actually help curb the drama and convert embarrassing hashtags into very merry memories.”
Whether you’re planning a holiday party for one or one hundred, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa is ready to help you plan a fun and festive event.  Offering both private and community affairs, this four season resort in Ulster County New York is already in the spirit and taking reservations.
Private affairs begin at $25 per person and be easily customized to include any number of upgrades.  From live orchestras and lobster to appearances from St. Nick himself, the sky is the limit!
Looking for a holiday party all wrapped up and delivered in an effortless package?  Check out the resort’s Jingle, Jingle Let’s Mingle Community Holiday Party.  This community event invites local professionals and businesses (both large and small) to enjoy an evening of co-mingled celebration on December 11th; featuring dinner, dancing, cocktails, and prizes!

To learn more about Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa’s party packages call 845-210-3114 and say goodbye to the awkward holiday office party once and for all.

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