Self Exploration – A Family’s Journey to Joy (President’s Week)

For many of us the idea of self exploration can seem both foreign and unattainable.  It’s no secret that most of us would like to have a better understanding of our family dynamics, and if we could just develop an awareness of our own behavior patterns with each member of our family, then maybe we could modify these patterns in a more positive way; proving us with the opportunity to enjoy a more joyful existence.

Now, I think we can all agree that joy should not be foreign or unattainable and regardless of how different we perceive our own personal hopes and dreams to be in comparison to our children’s or our spouses, the process of self exploration through fun, family oriented programs can help in the development of a symbiotic connection between all members of the family.

During the President’s Week Holiday, February 15-24, 2013, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa will be offering four great family activities designed to strengthen family bonds through self discovery.

SyncArt – What could be more fun than creating a “Family Wish Drawing” that represents a cohesive blend of each family member’s hopes and dreams.

Happy Healing – A unique teambuilding program that aids in the development of stronger family connections.

Balloon Bop – Increase your balance between brain and body with this high energy game of focus and free movement!

Gangnam Style Dance – Brighten and lighten your body and mind through joyful dance and music; GANGHNAN STYLE!

For more information visit or call 1-877-969-4283.