Shake Things Up: Organic Power Shakes are the Real Deal!

With so many shakes on the market, making your way through the seemingly endless barrage of alternatives can seem like a somewhat arduous task if not downright daunting; especially when some labels include fourteen syllable ingredients that are obviously not found in nature.
If you are looking to simplify your diet and maintain proper nutrition levels while avoiding synthetic vitamins as well as artificial flavors and sweeteners, organic power shakes should definitely be added to your menu.
Understanding the science behind the consumption of organic foods, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa has formulated five (5) signature shakes that offer a real health boost to their guests.
Triumph – Containing Raw Tahini, Honey, Oats, Bananas and Soy Milk, this shake provides the building blocks for enhanced athletic performance.
Berry Good – Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Sprouted Brown Rice, Bananas and Soy Milk, give this power shake that extra oomph to help fight free radicals.
Morning Glory – Acaiberry, Flax Seed, Bananas, Sprouted Brown Rice and Soy Milk work together to reduce the skin’s PH balance.
Radiance – Raw Almonds, Lemon, Bananas, Sprouted Brown Rice and Soy Milk help restore the skin’s PH balance.
Healing Potion – Packed with seven super foods including Apples, Bananas, Miso Powder, Sprouted Brown Rice, Rice Bran, Flax Seed and Soy Milk, this power shake is the ultimate antioxidant.
Because eating low fat foods and decreasing your intake of salt and sugar while increasing your exercise is not always an easy feat, especially while vacationing or attending a conference, adding a nourishing shake to your routine, while away from home, can help keep you on track and healthy.
For more information of the signature shakes mentioned, contact the Café at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.