Summer Vacations: The Pursuit of “We Time”

If the stifling heat and haze of the summer is leaving you and your loved ones a little, shall we say – “heated”, it’s definitely time to pack up the kids and the car to pursue some summer “we time”.

All too often families tend to spend more time apart than together while on vacation, which can leave parents struggling to connect with their children on several different levels throughout the year. 
To avoid this disconnect, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa’s has compiled their top picks for family-focused summer activities that are sure to provide some outstanding “we time” opportunities.
Family Yoga Classes or Workshops
The family yoga classes and workshops at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa provide a unique and peaceful environment where family members can just be with each other.  These classes often incorporate whimsical activities, not normally found in standard classes, which in turn offers ample opportunities for parents and children to laugh and play together while recognizing and appreciating each other’s strengths and weaknesses; bridging the gap.
Hiking as a family provides parents and children alike with the prospect of taking a break from the whirlwind of social media updates and having each other’s undivided attention; encouraging open communication as well as a unified sense of accomplishment by working together in choosing a trail or helping each other navigate rough terrain.
Horseback Riding
A guided trail ride through the great outdoors can help family members decompress from the stress often associated with daily life and experience a deeper connection with the world and people around them.  Riding can also aid in the development of trust, leading to more secure and genuine relationships.
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