Summer’s Top Spa Treatments

Without a doubt, the popularity of spa treatments continues to grow as a “must do” activity while on vacation.  Promoting relaxation and rejuvenation, a visit to the spa can be the most important part of your trip when it comes to reducing stress and escaping the pressures of everyday life.
“Relieving stress is a necessary component of the modern vacation.” says Iga Nadrowska, Supervisor at The Spa at Honor’s Haven.  “We not only crave it, but need it; if we expect to return to work emotionally balanced and refreshed.”
So which treatments seem to be at the top of the trending list?  According to Nadrowska, the three treatments that have been most requested this summer are:
The European Facial
An essential treatment formulated to refresh and replenish the skin, the European Facial helps to increase circulation and eliminate any impurities trapped in the pores; resulting in a healthy glow and the rejuvenation of tense facial muscles.
The Swedish Massage
The most basic and relaxing massage, the Swedish Massage uses medium pressure with long flowing stokes; applied to most of the body.  Intended to sooth minor aches and pains as well as reduce anxiety and stress levels, this type of massage aligns the mind, body and spirit.
The Deep Tissue Massage
Incorporating medium to deep pressure, the Deep Tissue Massage’s main purpose is to move past the surface muscles and target more complex and specific muscle structures; addressing not only pain in the muscles or connective tissues due to injury but concentrating on alleviating severe tension as well. 
To learn more about these and other restorative treatments offered at The Spa at Honor’s Haven visit and download their online brochure or call 845-210-3087.  Overnight spa packages are also available starting at just $139 per person, per night!