Taking a Look at the Alkaline Diet

There’s been quite a stir this week about the Alkaline Diet.  It seems as though I haven’t been able to finish out a single day without hearing something at the gym or seeing an article pop up on social media.  Now, I admit that I am not a fan of fad diets, and usually steer clear at the mere mention of one, but this diet has peaked my interest and has me asking – is the Alkaline Diet really a fad?

The Alkaline Diet, which was catapulted into the limelight by Victoria Beckham in 2013, purports that by consuming a diet rich in alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables, your body can be shielded from conditions like cancer and arthritis while shedding unwanted pounds.

It sounds just like a Hollywood dream doesn’t it?  Well, according to Nick Bach, of the EarthMind Wellness Center, the science behind the Alkaline diet is quite real and if properly maintained can potentially deliver its presumptuous claims. 

“A plant based diet is much easier on our digestive tract than one consisting of much heavier contents (including meats, fried foods etc.),” says Nick.  “The Alkaline Diet primarily aligns itself with plant/whole foods dietary choices, which having implemented in my own life, have nourished me on many different levels; including weight, mental acumen, energy etc.”

So, are you ready to give the Alkaline Diet a try before your next family reunion or that summer vacation to the upstate New York?  Before you start, remember it’s important to consult an Alkaline Food Chart as well as consider the following tips for living a well-balance and healthy life.

Drink plenty of the wet stuff (water)
Stay active
Try to avoid stress and drama

Consume caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and soda
Eat foods latent with preservatives, additives and food coloring
Use artificial sweeteners