New Business Development for Honor’s Haven Activities with Team Building & Outdoor Activities

Need a place to hold team building retreats near NYC? Honor’s Haven is opening a new team building activities facility soon, and it is the perfect location to hold a corporate retreat upstate NY. What makes this location better than other Catskills NY team building retreats?


Honor’s Haven – Program Approach

The program offers wilderness wellness and team building adventures using a wide range of amenities. These activities are designed to be fun while addressing your physical, mental, and emotional state to improve each individual and the team as a whole. Events can be customized to fit the size of your group and the goals that you have in mind for the retreat, but regardless of the program that you sign up for, the professional facilitators at Honor’s Haven will always take a holistic approach to help your group get the best results.


Team Building Retreats Rope Course

The rope course is designed to challenge not only the team physically, but to be a mental challenge as well. The high ropes are positioned 30 feet above the ground. With that said, this can be an emotionally challenging course for some who may need to overcome a fear of heights to accomplish the task and not let the team down. Risk taking is important, and this is a course that focuses on risk and helps the team expand their comfort zones when working together. It also helps the team rely on one another when they are afraid; building trust is imperative for a team, and this course will do just that. With the confidence, communication skills, and the ability to take the lead learned here, your team will learn valuable leadership skills as well.


Other Team Building Challenges

Most other team building retreats near NYC only offer a few challenges for your team to work on, but at Honor’s Haven, there are a number of options that you can choose from to customize your teams experience. Some of the other options that are offered include:
• Rock climbing and rappelling
• Outdoor sports adventures
• Zen archery
• Fun pioneer skills
• Wilderness wellness activities
• Emergency response training

Indoor activities and seminars will also be available during your stay. These seminars can be customized for your team so that you get the most out of your time at the retreat. There are also holistic wellness seminars that are designed to build your teams emotional, mental, and physical state so that they can perform on the course with more passion and confidence.

What to Expect

Retreats are based on a three-day schedule.

Day 1 – The first day is a welcoming day that includes a wellness class to help you feel relaxed while boosting your energy for the challenges of the next day.
Day 2 – The second day will start with a ground level exercises to build your team up and lead to a high element challenge on the ropes. When completed, your team will zip line down to the ground and enjoy a night by a bonfire at Kiva Garden.
Day 3 – The final day of the retreat is designed for your team to reflect on the experience, so a walk in nature and guided meditation will be enjoyed before heading home.