The Job Hunt. Where to Start.

Although the economy has been steadily stabilizing, not much has changed in regards to the number of unemployed individuals across the great state of New York.  In fact, the overall state-wide unemployment rate has only experienced a 1% decrease since December 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  With 4.8% of all New Yorkers still looking for employment, the need to get in front of potential employers is crucial and job fairs, like the SUNY Orange Job Fair, scheduled for Thursday, April 14th, can provide numerous one-on-one opportunities in a single afternoon.
Erica Ward-Gonzalez, Human Resource Manager and Nancy Lopez, Assistant Dining Manager
at the Monticello Fire House Job Fair, held February 23rd.
According to Erica Ward-Gonzalez, Human Resource Manager for Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa “looking for a job while you’re unemployed can be a daunting task, teeming with feelings of anxiety and doubt.  Making sure these feelings don’t become impenetrable obstacles is essential in landing your next job, and a little preparation is all you need to succeed.”
Here are some of Erica’s quick tips on how to start your job hunt:

Update Your Resume!
You would be surprise at how many people have outdated resumes! Most companies want to see these as well as a cover letter. So dust off those cob webs and update those bad boys!

The Cover Letter!
While not all companies will ask for this, those that do want to see that you have researched the company and can relate to what they do or how they do it. Just keep in mind that they will read the first two sentences and determine if you are being real or just repeating what you have written to every other company. Be original.
Social Media!
This means updating your linked-in profile, making your Facebook private and locking your Instagram! It’s no secret that most HR professionals will look you up, so maybe don’t show them that you did a really awesome keg stand last weekend.
Think Local First!
Check out your local job search engines and, if you’re still in school, visit your schools career services department. They have valuable info that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including upcoming job fairs.
To learn more about Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa’s current job openings visit www.honorshaven.comor email