The Proof is in the Pumpkin

“Treating yourself to a delicious pumpkin body scrub will
slough away dull dry skin, leaving healthy soft, glowing skin
in its place.”
As we inch deeper and deeper into autumn, an almost instinctive desire to drink, eat or smell anything pumpkin seems to take hold of me.  Having noticed that many of my co-workers have swapped out their typical morning coffee for a pumpkin latte these days leads me to believe that I am not the only one who falls helpless to the power of the pumpkin; the very embodiment of everything “fall”.
Yet, it’s the pumpkin inspired spa treatments that really get me giddy, and for good reason; pumpkin is really good for your skin! 

According to Sandra Nichols, Manager at The Spa at Honors Haven Resort, “As the weather gets cooler, your skin needs more moisture. Treating yourself to a delicious pumpkin body scrub will slough away dull dry skin leaving healthy, soft, glowing skin in its place.”
Spa treatments that incorporate pumpkin can also help increase elasticity and reduce the number of acne related break-outs.

“Plus”, says Nichols, “the warm and inviting fall fragrance of pumpkin is sure to relax and soothe; making this oil free treatment a fantastic treat for the whole body.”
During the months of October and November, the aestheticians at The Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort will helping individuals welcome the holiday season with brighter and smoother skin thanks to the all mighty pumpkin.

Want to make an appointment?  Call (845) 210-1600, ext. 3087 or email and book your pumpkin inspired spa treatment today.  Make sure to ask about adding seasonal aromatherapy oil to your treatment for an added splash of indulgence!