The Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort Receives a Facelift

Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa has always been the go-to resort for urbanites looking to trade in the hustle and bustle of city life for the slower pace of spa services, golf, or a tour of the Shawangunk Wine Trail.  Now with its latest renovation underway in the Spa, both ownership and employees alike are expressing excitement over this next chapter in an ever evolving success story.
 “Since purchasing the resort in 2007, an enormous amount of time and energy has gone into transforming and reviving not only an iconic Catskill resort, but also the surrounding community.” says Julian Lee, General Manager of the resort.  “We are thrilled to have been able to stay on target with our goal to grow into a unique four season destination; offering exceptional conference and wedding facilities as well as self-enrichment activities like yoga, tai chi, and Zumba.  This renovation, just enhances our resolve to continually develop and provide both our guests and neighbors with a first-rate product.”
So what part of this renovation gets the Spa Director excited?  The new saunas of course!  “The new sauna’s are 100% my favorite part of this renovation” says Sandra Nichols, Director of the Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort. 
Ownership and employees alike are looking forward to
unveiling the Spa’s new look in early April, 2015.
Although the overall style of the renovation has not been disclosed, Nichols believes the finished product will display simple, clean lines with a modern flare.  “My staff and I try our best to stay out of the contractor’s way”, says Nichols, “it’s our way of not peeking.  I really am very excited about the end result.  The crew is working so hard.  I can’t wait for the big reveal!” 
When asked whether or not the construction has had a large impact on the traffic flow in and out of the spa, Nichols stated that she makes no illusions to the fact that operating on and around a construction site is not pleasant.  “We have done our best to keep our spa clientele informed. We also try to encourage later appointment times. The construction crew typically closes up shop around 5PM. It tends to obviously be much quieter once they are done for the day. The hotel doesn’t close!  Everything is always “on.” The renovation was a must so we are doing what we can to operate as smoothly as possible.”

The project, which started on January 5, 2015, is slated to be unveiled in early April, 2015.