Third Time’s a Charm for Winter Meltdown (LGBT community event)

As the cold weather bears down on the region, preparations are already underway for Winter Meltdown 2015, a unique and distinct social outlet that brings together people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) for a weekend of entertainment, networking, and advocacy.
Conceived by a group of passionate individuals, this weekend getaway’s main objective is to contribute to the LGBT community by placing an emphasis on social consciousness, spiritual development, self-empowerment and camaraderie in a safe and inviting environment.
According to Curtis McNulty, Account Executive at Honor’sHaven Resort & Spa, “each program provides a fun and engaging setting, allowing the Winter Meltdown crew to distribute important information on health and wellness, relationship advice, money management, etc., all while having a great time.”
Some of the events to be included in this year’s program are a Welcome Night Pajama Party, Urban Talent Show, Card Tournaments, Workshops and Seminars, Beach Party and Hot Body Contest. 
Celebrating its third year at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, Winter Meltdown is scheduled for February 13-16, and looks forward to contributing to the personal, professional, and spiritual growth of its attendees.

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