Trading in the Conventional Summer Getaway for Healthier Alternatives

A weekend away doesn’t have to include raucous theme park crowds, demanding itineraries and toxic quantities of fast food.  In fact many families are choosing to trade in the conventional summer getaway for healthier alternatives.

The “wellness” vacation, often referred to as a spa vacation, retreat or boot camp, provides a multitude of benefits for every member of the family; providing positive transformations not only physically but emotionally and cognitively as well.

According to Anita Ahn, Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa “Wellness retreats, such as the Power Brain Family Retreat, allow families to enjoy a variety of specialized programs and activities that are designed to create a deeper connection between family members while building trust, pride and appreciation for one another.”

“The fun and transformative programs, offered during the Power Brain Family Retreat, promote a laundry list of benefits that leave both parents and children poised for future success,” continues Ahn.

Some of these benefits include:

·         More energy and stamina
·         Less fatigue
·         Reduced stress perception
·         Fewer physical symptoms
·         Improved digestion
·         Enhanced confidence and self esteem
·         Greater consideration for others
·         More harmonious connections with peers, teachers and parents
·         Greater enjoyment of everyday activities
·         Improved attention and concentration
·         Better memory
·         Deeper intuition
·         Expanded imagination and creativity

To learn more or to book your own Power Brain Family Retreat, contact the EarthMind Wellness Center at 845-210-3144 or visit them on the web at