Ulster County’s Best Kept Secret: Sam’s Point Preserve

Only 90-minutes from New York City and Albany, lie the craggy cliffs of Sam’s Point Preserve.   Complete with mysterious folklore and the largest known open fault in the United States, this National Natural Landmark is home to the infamous ice caves; a rare microclimate that allows for the preservation of ice year round.
Hotel guests staying at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa are given the opportunity to hike and explore the preserve’s vast wilderness, which is home to nearly 40 rare plant and animal species and three rare natural communities as well as one of the best examples of ridgetop dwarf pine barrens in the world! 

Offering a network of seven (7) well marked trails, guests are treated to an extraordinary collection of summits, plateaus and cliffs, including open slabs of rock that overlook the Catskill Mountains and other stunning vistas.

“The experience is definitely one-of-a-kind” commented a Guest Service agent who has hiked the preserve on several occasions.  “I take my children there at least once a year.  It’s like a spiritual pilgrimage.  People too often lose themselves in technology and the daily grind.  Hiking the preserve brings you back; balances your senses.”

To learn more about Sam’s Point Preserve, visit www.nature.org.  For more information on booking your next hiking adventure, contact the Reservations Department at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa at (877) 969-4283 or reservations@honorshaven.com.