Valentine’s Cocktail Recipe – Cupid’s Arrow (Cosmopolitan)

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking (out loud mostly) that I’d like to shake things up with a sexy cocktail this weekend, being Valentine’s and all.  Little did I know that the resort’s mixologist was within earshot of my rambling, and suggested a drink I had never heard of before – Cupid’s Arrow.  He insisted that it was delicious, so of course I had to try it out for myself before making one this weekend.
Well, he was right.  This drink is nothing short of amazing, bursting with berry goodness and a refreshing undercurrent of citrus.  Even better, this cocktail is super easy to make.
Cupid’s Arrow

2 oz vodka
½ a freshly squeezed lemon
¾ oz cranberry juice
Ice (for shaker)
Twisted orange rind for garnish


Roll Your Lemon.  Rolling the lemon before cutting and squeezing will help burst open some of the individual segments inside the lemon, making it a lot easier to juice.  This is a really cool and useful technique that I didn’t know about before.

Shake – Shake – Shake.  Shake the vodka, lemon, and cranberry juice in a shaker with ice.
Strain.  Strain into a chilled Martini glass.
Make it Fancy.  Garnish your finished cocktail with twisted orange rind.
Have Another.  Treat yourself and your special someone to a few of these delicious cocktails.  After all, it is Valentine’s Day.