Weathering the Storm: Hurricane Sandy

The moment the first winds blew through the region, photos and personal tales of harrowing hurricane experiences began flooding the internet.  With forecasts of wide spread power outages, downed trees and flooding, it seemed as though Hurricane Sandy was making ghastly plans to paralyze the Upper Hudson Valley.
As Honor’s Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, located just 90-minutes from Midtown Manhattan, braced itself for what promised to be a horrific outburst of rain and wind, the management and staff prepared to not only weather the storm but provide shelter for those evacuated from New York City and neighboring flood prone communities.
While the Resort’s towering trees flexed and strained under the enormous power of Sandy’s winds, Honor’s Haven marched on, business as usual, providing a much needed safe haven for those negatively impacted by Sandy’s fury.
“The damage caused by Sandy to countless communities along the East Coast is staggering”, said Pilsun Pyun, Assistant General Manager at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.  “We were very lucky that the Resort did not sustain any damage.  The fact that we only experienced a 50% loss of power for a mere twelve hours is shocking!” continued Pyun. “We were really expecting to get hit much harder than we did and we are all just so overjoyed that we were able to weather the storm so favorably.”
While neighboring districts carry on with their recovery efforts, Honor’s Haven continues to stand at the ready, providing lasting support to those suffering the effects of Sandy.