How The EarthMind Wellness Method Can Revitalize Your Life

It’s early 2019, right around the time that many New Year’s resolutions begin to fall by the wayside. But it’s not too late to make a change and never a bad time to get yourself on the path to a happier, healthier more fulfilled you. All it takes is the proper mindset, and where better to get your head right than at a spa retreat in the serene Catskills of New York?


Make Your Mind Work for You

The road to wellness starts with the most powerful tool you have – your mind. Learn to master your thoughts and you can actually generate curing brain waves that spark your body’s cache of healthy, regenerative hormones. With a little professional training in the five stages of EarthMind Methodology, you’ll harness the brain’s energy and literally think your way towards a positive, more holistic lifestyle.


Stage 1 – Make a Mind/Body Connection

Physical stimulation of the body triggers specific sections of the mind. This is why you feel good after exercising and not so good after eating poorly. After just a few wellness classes, you’ll learn how to strengthen your mind/body connection by understanding how your body’s sensitivities influence the mind’s ability to generate positive energy.


Stage 2 – Expand Your Mind

Did you know that your brain is remarkably elastic? The more flexible you keep it, the easier it is for your brain cells to communicate with each other and your body – which both fortifies the mind/body link and makes the most of your body’s healing potential. The array of “brain stretching” tools at your disposal include physical exercises like Energy Yoga, Detox Yoga, Healing Tai Chi/Qigong and mental techniques such as Meditative Breathing or Mindful Meditation.


Stage 3 – Accentuate the Positive

“Brain refreshing” techniques like meditation and breathing exercises help you learn how to release emotional energy, even negative feelings, in a positive way. By brightening your mindset you become better equipped to manage your wellbeing and deal with life’s daily stresses and challenges.


Stage 4 – Integrate Your Brain

When it comes to the mind, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Discover how to make the three separate areas of your brain – the neo-cortex, limbic system and brain stem – act as one and you will tap into a limitless reservoir of essential energy. This energy will lead you on a journey to self-awareness and a greater understanding of life and its meaning.

Stage 5 – Master Your Mind

By learning to make your mind work for you in positive ways, you break free from the self-defeating thinking, emotional issues and fear that keep you from realizing your full potential to not only help yourself but benefit those around you as well.


The Honor’s Haven spa resort and wellness center in New York offers professional training designed to harness your mind’s energy and maximize your body’s healing potential. Contact us today to learn how the EarthMind Wellness Method can benefit you.