What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day

During the idealistic twenty-something stage of my life, I thought of Valentine’s Day as some sort of heinous crime committed against humanity; exploiting our desire to be loved for the sole purpose of corporate gain.  Though florists jack up their prices and candy seems to be more expensive than gold (19 pieces for $30 – really?), there’s something to be said about that moment when that special someone acknowledges their affections for you.  With that in mind, there’s no turning back or running away.  Valentine’s Day is going to happen and you best be prepared; regardless of how apathetic your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife might seem to this “corporate” holiday.  So that leaves us with just one question – what do women really want for Valentine’s Day?

Give Us Attention

Women want to be the center of your world, and while this can’t be 
the case all 365 days of the year, knowing that we have at least 
one day to be smothered with affection is pretty wonderful.

Chocolate – Anything Chocolate

It’s no secret that women LOVE chocolate.  Milk chocolate, dark 
chocolate, and chocolate covered strawberries.  Let’s just say, everything 
is better with chocolate.

Farytale Romance

We all know that farytales aren’t real, but on Valentine’s Day, who doesn’t 
want to be wined, dined, and spoiled with a romantic getaways for two.
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Valentine’s Day is going to happen….happy prepping!