Why Everyone Should Be Boxing

For as long as I can remember “boxing” has elicited images of repositioned noses, facial lacerations and heaps of testosterone exploding in a  torrent of right hooks and jabs that seemed to have no higher purpose beyond annihilating the other person in the ring.  What I missed to see and embrace were the true benefits of this indiscriminate sport. 

After setting aside the graphic imagery of what I thought boxing was, I was able to see what it actually is; a work out for the mind and body that is second to none and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of height, weight, age or gender.

Gleason’s Gym Fantasy Boxing Camp at
Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, NY
According to Bruce Silverglade, President of Gleasons Gym “Boxing can help in the development of necessary life skills; specifically accountability.  When you’re in the ring you’re responsible for your own success or failure.  Team sports just can’t teach that.” 
Learning the art of accountability can lead to other essential qualities that are crucial to attaining lifetime success.  These qualities include self-confidence, sportsmanship, self-defense and discipline.
“Boxing also provides aerobic and anaerobic exercise”, says Silverglade, “which essentially amplifies a whole other host of benefits like weight management, burning fat, building endurance, strengthening the heart and lungs and improving mood, coordination and reflexes as well as decreasing your risk of developing diabetes.”
“Boxing also provides aerobic
and anaerobic exercise….”
With so much to gain from this misunderstood sport, it’s easy to see why boxing has become one of the most popular ways to get in shape over the last few years. 
Want to try it out?  Attend the 2014 Gleason’s Gym – Fantasy Boxing Camp at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa August 14-17.
During this 4-Day/3-Night event, registrants will be provided with the opportunity to train with world-class trainers, Hall of Fame boxers and World Champions; both past and present.  Professional and amateur sparring partners will also be on hand to assist you with your training. 
Also included in this one-of-a-kind fantasy camp are intensive boxing discussions, sparring sessions, and training drills.  At the conclusion of the weekend, registrants will have the chance to engage in the Fantasy Camp Sparring Show, where they can showcase their strength, reflexes and endurance as well as their new fantasy camp skills.
For more information or to register for this incredible event, call or email Gleason’s Gym at (718) 797-2872; bruce@gleasonsgym.net.