Why Everyone Should Give Line Dancing a Try

There are a lot of reasons to like dancing, and with shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, dancing continues to grow in popularity. 

Rosie Multari, Director of the New York State of Line Dancing Workshop Weekends at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, is no stranger to the dance floor.  As a choreographer for American fitness instructor, Denise Austin, in the early 1990’s Rosie was thrust into the line dancing craze when Denise wanted to produce a country fitness video, and it was love at first lock-step.

“Line dancing is an extremely social activity that attracts people from all walks of life,” says Multari. “While it started out as being strictly “country”, it has developed into an activity that spans all genres of music; including rap, Latin, Broadway, and even opera.  Plus the fact that you don’t need a partner just makes line dancing that much more appealing.”
Of course, as with any “exercise”, line dancing offers a host of health benefits that should convince anyone to give this fun and fit activity a try.  Here’s Multari’s top four.

·         Helps maintain bone density.
·         Helps to stave off dementia.
·         Help ease certain forms of arthritis.  Remember “motion is lotion”.
·         Aids in the release of stress.

For more information on line dancing visit www.newyorkstateofline.com.

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