Yoga for Youth: Why Students Need to Meditate

How many times have you been surfing your friend’s statuses on Facebook just to read how “easy” today’s youths have it?  After all they were born into a society with so many technological advances already in place; like cell phones, gaming systems and the internet. 
However, what we tend to gloss over are the pressures they face every day.  Pressures that we’ve all had to deal with – only magnified by the very advances we perceive as making their lives “easy”.
With the advancement of technology came an increase in obesity, the emergence of cyber-bullying and the constant demand for students to either join the technology revolution or be viewed as a social pariah.
So how do we help today’s youths survive the inevitable pitfalls of adolescence?  Simply put – Yoga!
Armed with yoga and meditation, students can overcome many of life’s challenges; time management, stress and peer pressure as well as weight issues.
According to Chun Shim, Workshop Trainer and Healer at the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, “Meditation can help students maintain energy levels, which in turn allows them to complete projects, homework or other tasks at a faster pace.  It also improves focus, memory recall and self-esteem” continues Shim “by developing a better connection with your true self”.
As stated on, researchers from Boston’s Brigham and Woman’s Hospital conducted a study in which high school juniors and seniors participated in either regular PE class or a yoga class for a term of ten (10) weeks.  At the conclusion of the study, it was determined that the students who were enrolled in the yoga class saw either no change or an improvement in their mood problems, anxiety or negative emotions, while the students who were enrolled in regular PE class seemed to experience further deterioration.
“Regular yoga training combined with a healthy diet can help re-establish physical and mental health”, says Shim, “making yoga a pre-emptive measure in the struggle to maintain the wellbeing of our children.”
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