Zumba: The Post-Holiday Cure for Overindulgence

Zumba offers participants the opportunity to burn up to 1,000
calories per class.
It’s no secret that the holidays have left most of us standing in a wake of empty fudge tins and cookie crumbs.  Even worse is that overall feeling of “bleh” that follows when we realize that all of those sugary treats have somehow made our clothes just a little bit smaller. 
Well, it’s time to brush off those last remnants of an overindulgent holiday season and get back on track and back to our pre-holiday form. 
According to Sandra Nichols, Director of The Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort “Zumba is one of the best ways to burn off all of those holiday calories”.
A fast-paced, high-energy workout that is anything but boring, Zumba offers participants the opportunity to burn anywhere from 400 to 1,000 calories per class.  That’s a lot of holiday cookies!
Other benefits to be gained from Zumba classes include improved cardiovascular health, improved mood, and stress relief as well as burning fat and building lean muscle. 
So if you’re ready to achieve a more toned and sculpted body in 2015 or if you’re just looking to get back to your pre-holiday shape, stop in and try out one of the Zumba classes held at The Spa at Honor’s Haven Resort.  Classes are held weekly – Monday thru Thursday 7-8PM.
Classes are complimentary to all Spa members; $15 per class for non-members.
For more information and class locations call (845) 210-1600, ext. 3087.