6 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Go to Sports Camp This Summer

Every summer throughout my pre-teen and teen years my mother would send me off to sports camp, where I would spend countless hours on the tennis court with USTA professionals and college level athletes.  Yet, camp wasn’t just about the drills and the miles and miles of suicide runs that took place each and every day.  It was about the experience and the benefits that came along with that experience. So, if you’re teetering on the fence as to whether or not you should send your kids to sports camp this summer, Arcardi Edleman of the Arcadia International Tennis Camp offers up six great reasons why you should.

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With so many advancements in technology, children find less and less reasons to unplug from their online life.  Sports camps allow today’s kids to take an extended break from their sedentary lifestyles, and that break is very much needed for their overall health, growth and development.

A Boost in Confidence

Sports camps provide an atmosphere that fosters new and continued development of skills.  By creating an environment where doing your best is the main focus, young athletes gain confidence by no longer fearing failure.

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Lasting Friendships

Sports camps are teeming with kids just like yours who were born to play and share their passion.  Through match play and other recreational activities, your child will get to know the other campers and form lasting friendships.

Making the Team

Let’s face it.  The struggle to make a modified, junior varsity or varsity level team can be fierce.  Sending your son or daughter to a summer sports camp can provide them with the competitive edge they need to make the team.

Noticeable Improvements

When young athletes are provided with the opportunity to hone their abilities every day for weeks on end, the improvement in their game is both noticeable and swift.

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Fun Fun Fun

While fun may be number six on this list, it’s definitely not the least important.  Your child participates in extracurricular activities because they are fun and their camp experience shouldn’t be any different.  Sports camps that are held in a resort atmosphere provide kids with tons of activities off the court, resulting in a vacation experience that is fun for all.


About Arcadia International Tennis Camp:

The state-of-the-art Arcadia International Tennis Camp, held at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa in upstate New York July 2 – September 3, 2016, is everything tennis players have been looking for all in one place. The goal of Arcadia International Tennis Camp is to provide skills and experience and improve oneself as an athlete together with an advanced athletic and proactive team of trainers helping tennis players get on the right track.  Daily and weekly registration options available.  For more information on camper life, click here or call 917-407-9644.

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