Holocaust Survivors to Visit the Upper Hudson Valley

Ellenville, NY – An emotional assembly of Holocaust Survivors, hailing for the German cities of Nurenberg and Fuerth, will gather at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa June 29-30, 2012 to reunite and share their harrowing history with multiple generations of their families.
Organized by Frank Harris, a refugee from Nazi oppression and the son of a concentration camp survivor, the Nurenberg/Fuerth Reunion was first held in 1978 and continues to educate and inspire the descendants and historical custodians of a grizzly and insufferable piece of history; in which approximately two thirds of all Jews living in Europe were slaughtered over the unrelenting 12 year span of Nazi persecution.
Although Mr. Harris has found great success in all of his activities related to the common history of his people, he continues to draw a clear-cut line between traditions, bonds and their native land some 67 years after the defeat of the Nazi regime. 
Mr. Frank Harris
According to Mr. Harris, “I do not believe that our roots still rest in Germany.  Those, who were not killed were driven out – scattered around the globe.  Personally I can never return to my birth country with the excuse to let bygones be bygones.  Surely young Germans cannot be made responsible for the crimes committed by their parents and grandparents.  But as long as I am alive – so are Germans of my generation responsible for the crimes of the Nazi regime.”
Mr. Harris currently distributes a yearly newsletter to more than 1,200 people across five continents and organizes the Nurenberg/Fuerth Reunion every three years.  The Nurenberg/Fuerth Reunion, which has proven to be a life-times passion is not only purposeful but plays a vital role in the remembrance of how revolting and evil human beings can be; in the hopes that such atrocities are never again inflicted upon any future generations.